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本文摘要:Hello again, everybody 嗨,大家好,又晤面了Today I want to talk about a serious subject但今天我想谈一个严肃的话题Because today is the 50th anniversary因为今天是地球日建设Of the founding of Earth Day我第五十个周年Now Earth Day is a holiday that started in 1970地球日是一个始于1970年的全球性的节日


Hello again, everybody 嗨,大家好,又晤面了Today I want to talk about a serious subject但今天我想谈一个严肃的话题Because today is the 50th anniversary因为今天是地球日建设Of the founding of Earth Day我第五十个周年Now Earth Day is a holiday that started in 1970地球日是一个始于1970年的全球性的节日And was created by a man called Gaylord Nelson是一个叫盖洛德·尼尔森的人提倡的Who was a senator from the state of California他是加利福尼亚州的参议员Now Gaylord Nelson was always盖洛德·尼尔森对掩护情况very adamant about protecting the environment态度一直很坚决And sustaining our natural resources掩护我们的自然资源But, he became especially active with this可是,他变得越发坚决After a very massive oil spill在1969年发生在加州圣巴巴拉海岸Off the coast of Santa Barbara, California in 1969一次大规模的石油泄漏事件之后With the very first Earth Day on April 22, 1970在1970年4月22日的第一个地球日Over 20 million people participated凌驾2000万人到场Nowadays, this holiday is celebrated现在,这个节日是庆祝的In over 190 countries worldwide在全球190多个国家Making it the largest secular holiday使之成为最大的民间节日So today I want to talk about some issues facing our planet所以今天我想谈谈我们地球面临的一些问题And our environment以及我们的情况And some things that we can do to help out我们可以做的事情来缓解这些问题One of the biggest problems facing our planet right now我们星球现在面临的最大问题之一Is climate change气候变化Which is being caused by the greenhouse effect是温室效应造成的Which is when too much carbon dioxide 就是太多的二氧化碳is being trapped in the atmosphere被困在大气中This is causing all the heat that is coming from the sun这导致了所有来自太阳的热量To be trapped被困住It can't get back out into space它回不去太空了This is causing some very dangerous things这导致了一些很是危险的事情Like the melting of the polar ice caps好比极地冰盖的融化Which is causing sea levels to rise导致海平面上升Also, it is melting the permafrost in some regions而且,它正在融化一些地域的永久冻土Because they are showing record high temperatures因为它们显示出That have never been recorded at that level before以前从未有过的高温记载Another thing is that a lot of regions另一件事是许多地域Are starting to have droughts开始干旱了Where there's not enough rainfall因为没有足够的水分because there's not enough moisture就没有足够的降雨量This has led to some regions having very large wildfires这导致一些地域发生了很大的野火Like the one in Australia not too long ago就像不久前在澳大利亚发生的大火We also need to look at our oceans我们还要看看我们的海洋Which we are basically poisoning基本上是中毒With too much pollution污染太严重There's too much plastic waste being thrown into them扔进去的塑料垃圾太多了Too much garbage垃圾太多Too much unburnt fuel that's being leaked from ships太多未燃烧的燃料从船上溢出到海里Another issue is agricultural runoff另一个问题是农业径流When the chemicals that we use in farming当我们在农业中使用的化学物质Like pesticides or fertilizers像杀虫剂或肥料Leak into the ocean流入海中These pesticides or fertilizers这些杀虫剂或肥料Often contain a large amount of nitrogen or phosphorus通常含有大量的氮或磷Which is something that algae feed on这是藻类的食物But if there's too much of this但如果有太多Then it creates too much algae然后它会发生太多的藻类Now, this algae现在,这个藻类If it's not exposed to sunlight如果它不袒露在阳光下Then it will start to use oxygen然后它将开始使用氧气Which depletes it from the water把氧气从水里耗尽And then if there's not enough oxygen in the water如果水里没有足够的氧气This causes all the fish in the surrounding area这会导致周围的鱼To die死掉了This leads to the creation of something called "dead zones"这就发生了所谓的“死区”Which can be naturally occurring自然发生的But in recent years, the numbers have spiked但近年来,这一数字急剧上升Because of actions of people因为人们的行为A deadline is just completely hypoxic最终那里就会完全缺氧Meaning that it is completely devoid of oxygen意思是它完全没有氧气So that nothing can actually survive there所以没有什么能在那里生存And, of course, one last problem affecting our oceans固然,另有最后一个影响我们海洋的问题Is overfishing过分捕捞We're starting to take way too many fish from the ocean我们开始从海洋中捕到太多的鱼Which is causing the complete collapse导致一些生态系统Of some ecosystems完全破坏Another thing另一件事Because of the actions of people因为人们的行为We've entered into a new period of mass extinction我们进入了一个大灭绝的新时期This is the sixth one in history这是历史上第六次With the last one being the death of the dinosaurs最后一个是恐龙的死亡With each passing year年复一年More and more species are facing extinction越来越多的物种面临灭绝So mass extinction is defined as所以大灭绝的界说是When over fifty percent of species go extinct within地理上很短的时期A geographically short time period当凌驾百分之五十的物种灭绝时So it's not one year所以不是一年It's not one month不是一个月It's not 10 years不是10年It could be 100 years可能要100年Or something like that或者类似的工具But, in the grand scheme of things可是,总的来说That is a very short amount of time那是很短的时间2 things that are contributing to this mass extinction导致这次大灭绝的两件事Are deforestation砍伐森林And desertification沙漠化With deforestation就拿砍伐森林来说We are cutting down trees at an alarming rate我们正在以惊人的速度砍伐树木A rate where the trees can not naturally replace their numbers树木的生长不能到达被砍掉的数量增长的速度Right now it's estimated that every year现在拒预计每年We cut down an area of trees the size of the UK我们砍伐了一片英国巨细的树木These forest are being cut down这些森林正在被砍伐To make room for farmlands为农田腾出空间To produce paper products生产纸制品Or for urban development或是为了都会生长For the expanding of living space for humans为了人类生存空间的拓展This is causing a loss of habitat for animals这导致了动物栖息地的丧失And it's destroying plant species它正在破坏植物物种About eighty


percent of land而陆地上百分之八十的动植物物种animals and plant species are found in the forests在森林里发现的With desertification沙漠化Particularly dry areas特别是干旱地域Are starting to become unusable开始变得不行用了They're starting to become completely devoid of water它们开始完全缺水了So they can't support life所以它们无法维持生命Both of these things are meaning less and less area这两件事的意味着越来越少的地方For animals to live in供动物居住One of the biggest threats right now现在最大的威胁之一Is that the bees are dying是蜜蜂逐步死去Some of you might think你们有些人可能会想Bees are small蜜蜂很小They're insignificant它们无关紧要But, with bees可是,通过蜜蜂And their pollination它们的授粉They help to feed us它们资助我们养活我们The bees pollinate the crops that we grow蜜蜂为我们种植的庄稼授粉The food that we eat我们吃的食物And if the bees disappear如果蜜蜂消失了Then humanity, as a whole, will have a very very serious problem那么人类,作为一个整体,将会有一个很是严重的问题Feeding ourselves养活我们的工具The fruits and vegetables that we eat我们吃的水果和蔬菜The flowers that we sniff while we're walking in the park我们在公园里散步时闻到的花The trees that we sit under我们坐着纳凉的树While we read our books当我们看书的时候All of these are pollinated by the bees所有这些都是靠蜜蜂授粉的The very air that we breathe我们呼吸的空气Is being produced by the plants是由植物缔造的That is pollinated by these bees是由这些蜜蜂授粉的Showing how incredibly important they are显示出它们是何等的重要A lot of scientists are starting to believe许多科学家开始相信That we're approaching a point of no return我们已经到了无法转头的田地Which is a point that we won't be able to reverse the damage这是我们无法挽回损失的地方That we've done to this world我们对这个世界所做的一切But it's not completely hopeless yet但还不是完全没有希望There is still time另有时间So, some of the things that we can do to help所以,我们可以做些什么来资助Number 1第一件事Use less plastic少用塑料Something as simple as buying a reusable water cup买一个可重复使用的水杯I mean, it's believed that every hour我是说,听说每一个小时About 25million plastic bottles约2500万个塑料瓶Are thrown into the trash被扔进垃圾桶That's every hour!每小时!So, seriously, just get a reusable cup所以,说真的,只要一个可重复使用的杯子It's easy很容易Also, don't use plastic bags另外,不要用塑料袋If you got to the store如果你去商店Take your own reusable bag带上你自己的可重复使用的包I know in my home state of New York我知道在我的家乡纽约They've recently banned all plastic bags他们最近克制用所有的塑料袋I know they did that in Thailand, too我知道泰国也这么做了I'm not sure about other places我不确定其它的地方But that's something that I support但这是我支持的Number 2第二件事Recycle, or reuse, as much as you can尽可能多地接纳或再使用That's very important那很重要I know that I always take stuff out of the trash我知道我总是把垃圾拿出来可接纳的工具That my wife accidentally throws away我妻子不小心扔掉了Because I know it's something that can be recycled因为我知道它是可以接纳的Number 3第三件事Conserve water and electricity 节约用水和用电Can't stress that enough这个不用强调太多,大家都知道Number 4第四件事Try growing your own fruits or vegetables试着自己种水果或蔬菜Try starting your own garden at home试着在家里开始做自己的花园I know that when the weather gets warmer我知道当天气变暖时I'm going to start my own garden我要开始自己的花园I actually bought some supplies for it today我今天买了一些工具Also, don't use chemical pesticides另外,不要使用化学杀虫剂Or anything like that或者类似的工具Chemical fertilizers化肥Try to be as natural as you can只管保持自然If you don't feel like growing your own food如果你不想自己种食物Then try to at least buy locally那就试着至少在当地购置You have to realize just how much energy is wasted你必须意识到在运输的历程中Just transporting food有几多能量被浪费掉了Number 5第五件事If you're able to如果你能Try to plant a tree on this Earth Day在这个地球日试着种一棵树One tree, in one year,一棵树,在一年内,Can absorb 21 kilograms of carbon dioxide in the air能吸收空气中21公斤的二氧化碳To put that into perspective正确来说One gallon of gas used in a car汽车使用的一加仑汽油Or about 4.7 liters或约4.7升Produces about 9 kilograms of carbon dioxide会发生约9公斤二氧化碳That is released into the atmosphere释放到大气中Number six第六件事Walk, or ride a bike, if you can如果可以的话,走路或骑自行车And if it's a bit longer distance如果距离有点远Try to use public transportation只管使用公共交通工具Especially if it's electric transportation尤其是如果是电力交通工具I know the city that I live in in china right now我知道我现在住在中国的都会They're starting to switch the buses他们开始换公交To electric buses到电动公交And they've just finished the tram line that I live next to他们刚刚完成了我旁边的轻轨电车门路That's also running off of electricity谁人也用电Number seven第七件事Don't be lazy别要太懒惰Go out and buy things yourself自己出去买工具Don't depend on delivery不依赖送货Don't depend on wai mai不要依赖外卖Yeah, it's a great thing是啊,这是件好事But a lot of energy is used可是大量的能量被消耗To get you your McDonalds at two o'clock in the morning早上两点给你买麦当劳The two largest producers of CO2 emissions in the world世界上最大的两个二氧化碳排放国Are my home country of America我的祖国是美国And my second home country of China我的第二家中国In America, most of it comes from personal use在美国,大部门是来自小我私家用品So our per capita output is much higher所以我们的人均产出排量要高得多And, in China, most of it comes from industrial output而且,在中国,大部门来自工业产出So, it's up to these two great nations所以,这取决于这两个大国To set an example for the rest of the world为世界树立模范On maintaining our emissions关于维护好我们的排放量Maintaining pollution维护污染And being at the forefront of change站在厘革的前沿For the future of our world, we must work together 为了我们世界的未来, 我们一起加油吧